225th Army Birthday, June 14, 2000. I found quite a few of these discarded in an empty desk.
228th Army Birthday, June 14, 2003. This was on the table at the Army Birthday Ball held at the DC Hilton Hotel. I attended with a bunch of my colleagues and had an absolute blast. It's a good time, if you can get the tickets. I recommend it.
229th Army Birthday, June 14, 2004. I attended this one as well.
231st Army Birthday, June 14, 2006. This was the first and only formal event at which I wore my Army Mess Dress uniform.
A commeorative coin, origin unknown.
My colleague and friend, retired Colonel Jeff Keane worked on the Army Reserve's commemoration of the tenth anniversary of OPERATION DESERT STORM. This was the coin they designed and awarded, and Jeff was kind enough to give me one of these. And yes, I returned the favor by giving him an OPERATION TRIBUTE TO FREEDOM coin. We're even.
Freedom Team Salute was an official program sponsored by the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the Army. It was an opportunity for Soldiers to say "Thank You" and recognize the sacrifice and support of families, employers and other civilian supporters. This was their coin.
Coin depicting some of the more prominent landmarks around Washington, D.C. The origin of this coin is also unknown.
Commemorative coin for Vietnam Veterans, origin unknown. The reverse is the Army Seal, so I am guessing that this was an official, authorized coin of some sort.
Best I can tell, this is a 1986 Statue of Liberty Commemorative Silver Dollar to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. Beyond this, I don't know much and an internet search resulted in conflicting information about this coin. I'm fairly certain that my parents purchased this for me as a gift.